How to get approval for your timesheet via SMS

If you are unable to get your timesheet signed off in person, please follow the below instructions on how to get approval for your timesheet via SMS.

Step #1

Take a photo of your timesheet. To read more about do’s and don’ts when filling out and sending your timesheet click here.

Step #2

Send a photo of your timesheet to your site Supervisor via SMS, asking for a reply approving your hours. Ask your Supervisor to reply with any of the following; “Yes, Approved or Confirmed”.

Example: Hello, please review my hours attached. If you approve, please reply with Yes, Approved or Confirmed

Step #3

When you receive this reply, take a screenshot of the SMS conversation. For instructions on how to use the screenshot function on your phone, please refer to the manufacturers instructions.

Step #4

Send the screenshot image of the conversation to

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the Administration department on (03) 9661 0500.