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First impressions count

It is essential to have concierge and customer service personnel who are well presented, capable efficient and best represent your business and clients.

MC Security’s concierge staff maintain extensive knowledge of building management systems, front line security, security awareness, first aid and emergency management.  They maintain outstanding communication skills, immaculate presentation and attention to detail. In addition to this, they are able to manage and prioritise their tasks and have confidence in engaging members of the public, tenants and clients.

In today’s security landscape with active shooter and terrorism incidents it is essential that concierge personnel can identify and respond to pre-incident indicators and pro-actively respond to incident and protect your clients. MC Security concierge and customer service officers are trained as first responders and receive regular front line security training covering these risks.

Our concierge and customer service personnel services are provided for;

  • Corporate  / Commercial Buildings
  • High Rise Residential Facilities
  • High End Retail Outlets
  • Boutique & Prestigious Hotels
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